Health System Vaccination Clinic Staff and Volunteer Scheduling.

Schedule, coordinate, and mobilize healthcare staff and volunteers to deliver vaccines.

VolunteerLocal has been empowering coordinators with volunteer scheduling software for nearly 20 years.
Turns out, we are a perfect fit for vaccination clinic staff and volunteer scheduling.

Between our easy to use self-service platform and unlimited support and onboarding, you can be up and running with a staff and volunteer scheduling solution today.
Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Standard reporting, export and search capabilities as well as access to custom reports specific to your organization's needs.

Schedule Volunteers

Schedule Volunteers

Give staff and volunteers an online form for self-scheduling. Super simple and secure - no password to remember.

On-site Checkin

Check-in/tracking options

We provide a number of ways to track hours - mobile web, app, kiosk and admin screens.


Communicate Seamlessly

Send and schedule broadcast email and SMS messages by role, shift or program-wide anytime.

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Our volunteers need to be vetted before showing up on-site. Can VolunteerLocal accommodate our vetting process?
Yes! VolunteerLocal allows you to funnel your volunteers through a customizable application workflow. You can collect the information you need (certifications, employee ID numbers, etc.), mark volunteer statuses to permit/limit access to signup pages, and assign qualifications to unlock specialized volunteer roles.

Our volunteers are health system staff members who are all permitted to volunteer, but only for specific roles, depending on their qualifications. Can VolunteerLocal help with that?
Yes! When creating those roles, indicate which qualifications are needed to perform that role. Our system will enforce those requirements.

How fast can we get set up?
Your program can be up and running on the same day you sign up. Support and onboarding is included in our pricing, programs are usually up and running within 1-2 days. Once you sign up, reach out to our customer success team; we’ll get you onboarded as soon as you’re available!

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I LOVE your system by the way. It's relatively easy for our non-computer savvy volunteers and SUPER easy for me to manage. I inherited a more out-dated system to manage our volunteers when I started here and your system is SO MUCH BETTER. I love the design and ease of use!
- Noelle Harrison, Volunteer Coordinator, San Francisco Playhouse

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