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On-Site Checkin
Tracking Hours

VolunteerLocal provides multiple ways to track volunteer hours. By leveraging these tools, you will have access to detailed hours reporting.

QR codes can be used for checking volunteers in and out. VolunteerLocal offers both volunteer-scanned QR codes as well as administrator-scanned QR codes.

An administrative check-in/out tool is built into your VolunteerLocal account. You can access this tool on a tablet, smartphone or laptop computer.
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A kiosk for a self-service option. Volunteers search by name/email and check themselves in.
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A mobile app for volunteers, which is very useful when a central check-in location is not feasible.
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  1. Run check-in lists by location, job name or time
  2. Update volunteer profiles or duties in real-time
  3. Mobile app for volunteers to view shifts and check-in/out
  4. Track volunteer hours - by individual or group
  5. Export no-shows

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Next feature: Sharing ➜
Previous feature: Groups
VolunteerLocal was a godsend. It was one of those moments when I was searching for the perfect web application for my needs and found it. While I know it can be better, it really helped organize and streamline the way I have been able to manage our volunteers. An example last week when we had a last minute kitchen closure, in the past this could have been a disaster with volunteers showing up un-announced. Now that we schedule with VolunteerLocal, we can easily notify a group of cancellations, or modifications to the schedule. Overall, I am very happy with the application, and thankful to you for making it.
- Jesse Seaver, Curry Without Worry

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