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Our service is used by athletic events, non-profit organizations, churches, PTA's, schools, music festivals, art festivals, shrimp festivals, bacon festivals, beer festivals, you-name-it festivals and more! Below are some of our amazing customers and what they have to say.

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We absolutely LOVE Volunteer Local! It was an unorthodox year for events in 202. Not only were we able to continue using Volunteer Local, but it was amazingly helpful as we started moving staff into other roles during the pandemic. Staff was able to go in and sign up for jobs, and shifts to help keep there hours while facilities were closed. As always we are always thankful for how easy Volunteer Local is to use, as well as the customer service/support.
- Customer since 2019
Great customer service! Very responsive and personable staff.
- Scotiabank, customer since 2018
Volunteer Local is a perfect fit for reaching out to Library Fair volunteers. The task had been done by one individual for years, and opening up the process helped recruit new as well as returning volunteers. One feature I especially like is the group email to either the entire group or to specifiic groups.
- Diane DeChillo, customer since 2018
I love Volunteer Local's Report feature, it makes it so easy to do my job. I also really appreciate Volunteer Local Support. Whenever I have a question for my VL representative, Isabel Reed, she answers right away! Isabel is always super friendly and extremely helpful!
- Lisa Wright, customer since 2020
I found it to be user friendly as it was my first time. It made my assignment easy.
- George Banker, customer since 2019
The online tools are extremely intuitive, so I was able to be up and running with signup sheets in minutes.
- Mike Roberts, customer since 2019
Brian and Isabel are the reason we're using this platform. They are incredibly responsive when we have any problems or questions. I can tell they are determined to make the platform work for our organization. I can't overstate how pleased we are with their efforts.
- Wes Bowen, customer since 2020
Volunteer Local free version GUI is functional and for the most part intuitive for a simple event set up, such as creating a way for volunteers to sign up for a performance weekend, or even a series of performances over a few weeks (we used it for 14 shows over three long weekends). And support is typically quick to reply to questions. It was recommended to my by the local symphony volunteer coordinator, and I've suggested it to others.
- Customer since 2016
Volunteer Local is very user friendly and customizable. Any time I have issues the team is quick to respond to helping fix the problem or suggesting options to solve the problem.
- Customer since 2018
Your program has helped us to recruit many volunteers. They system is user friendly.
- Mandy Nakaya, customer since 2019
VolunteerLocal's team provides impeccable customer service. They are professional, kind, and an absolute pleasure to work with!
- Genevieve Hayton, customer since 2015
Volunteer Local is the most easy and efficient method for organizing people for events. I have been involved with Volunteer Local since 2013, I think, for races and for basketball tournaments. I love it and highly recommend it to anyone wishing to keep people organized for complicated events.
- Sandra Brintnall, customer since 2020
Our dedicated account rep/trainer/tech expert/friend Isabel made us feel more like partners than customers. She was readily available (and enthusiastic) to help us in the setup process and initial phases of rollout within our organization. The weekly tip series has been extremely useful. It's refreshing and encouraging. I wish I had subscribed on day one. The entire VolunteerLocal team did a great job of ensuring we understood the intentions behind the features (and introduced us to several new features) so we could maximize our use of the platform. By regularly soliciting our feedback and encouraging custom feature requests, it was clear that VolunteerLocal wanted to build their platform around how we, the users, used it. VolunteerLocal even implemented a few of the custom feature requests we made. It helped us with our unique organizational needs and it made us feel like VolunteerLocal was more of a partner in our mission rather than a vendor of software.
- Andy Lemmon, customer since 2019
Customer support is great! (Isabelle) fast and friendly.
- Customer since 2020
We really enjoy the individualized attention and flexibility to adjust the system to our organization's needs. The VL team is super responsive and always looking for ways to enhance the system.
- Customer since 2019
I just think that this system is seamless! it works so well for what we need.
- Michelle Mack, customer since 2020
Your company helped us this year during the Covid-19 Pandemic. When we were not having our rodeo you stepped up and took care of our volunteer lists just as you did the prior year, at a much discounted rate. Thank you for that !!!
- Michael Ledbetter, customer since 2018
The team at Volunteer Local are experts in their field and are quick to respond to technical questions. I have recommended the service to my peers and will continue to do so.
- Lisa Wagenbach, customer since 2018
Great functionality, easy to use interface. Excellent top notch support. If there is ever a glitch, you guys fix it! Love how you keep providing valuable and useful updates. Incredible value for the money.
- Garth Morrisette, customer since 2018
I have been very impressed with VL and would recommend it highly. Once you are trained, it is easy to maneuver through the system. What I am most impressed with is your willingness to accommodate our organization's needs. The changes you have made to VL for our organization has helped to make it easier to input the data and run reports. Also, my suggestions to improve the system has been taken seriously and will be implemented in the near future. Customer service has been phenomenal. My questions are answered right away and the staff is friendly, courteous, and helpful.
- Maria Lopez, customer since 2018
It is simple to use and set up. And love the reporting.
- Jen, customer since 2016
We love working with Volunteer Local. The system is very easy to work with and has the functionality we need. You have been very responsive to our calls and questions. Very friendly support staff. So easy to work with.
- Terry Weimer, customer since 2019
The website is working really good with so many control option for us and it’s easy to use for volunteers as well.
- Customer since 2019
Very easy to manage volunteer roster, and to communicate with "all" or those within a particular function(s).
- Steve Lewis, customer since 2019
Purpose built, Feature rich and user friendly interface. And exact match for my needs when managing volunteers/events/shifts. Thank you.
- Chandresh Johnson, customer since 2019
Volunterlocal is very easy to use & fits our needs perfectly. Support staff is very knowledgeable and understanding.
- Sherry McMinn, customer since 2020
I find the software easy to use, it's pretty user friendly, especailly in the case of older folks or those with digital literacy barriers.
- Michele Emslie, customer since 2019
Your tech support was very helpful and accommodating. Because we only do 2 major events a year it is difficult to remember every thing and your team is very understanding and patient.
- Karen Farruggia, customer since 2014
The ability to create and save communication templates is one of the best features of Volunteer local. Additionally, being able to pull quick volunteer reports with custom data fields is also helpful. Finally, it is very nice to pull old volunteer rosters when sending out emails about upcoming volunteer opportunities.
- Customer since 2017
The folks you connected us with all seemed to be just the right fit for our needs at our theatre, Along with being very nice people as well.
- Bob Carter, customer since 2018
I really enjoy working with Volunteer Local! Their tools are fabulous for scheduling hundreds of volunteers for festivals.
- Customer since 2018
The software is seamless with volunteers matching their opportunities with availability.
- Amedeo Rossi, customer since 2018
Volunteer Local is very easy to use and I really appreciate that! Keeping it simple makes my life a lot easier!
- Dawn Wohlford-Metallo, customer since 2018
Easy to use, I like being able to communicate with volunteers and see past volunteer lists.
- Michelle Jung, customer since 2018
Kaylee has always been an amazing help in ensuring that our system is working as needed! Volunteerlocal is very easy to use and the rollover feature is particularly fabulous given we run our festival only every 2 years, so a lot of stuff gets forgotten.
- Customer October 2020
We have worked with Volunteerlocal since the inception of our business and can't imagine producing events without their partnership. The product has evolved to meet the needs of our event planning business as well as those of our volunteers. The customer service is unparalleled and I am constantly impressed by how user friendly the platform is. Keep doing what you are doing because it works. Thank you Volunteerlocal for making our jobs easy!
- Mindy Toyne, customer since 2018
VolunteerLocal has been a great asset to our event.
- Katie, customer since 2018
Your service is very high touch and your product is wonderful!
- Mary, customer since 2018
VolunteerLocal is dedicated to the registering of volunteers and not an afterthought to general registration. They are easy to work and receptive to new ideas and features.
- Customer since 2018
Program is easy to use!!
- Customer since 2018
Quick response to questions and issues!
- Customer since 2017
Thank you for all you have done for me/P3R over the past years. VolunteerLocal is amazing and your staff even moreso. I look forward to getting my databases set up in the coming weeks, and getting ready for some live events! Melissa
- P3R Volunteers, customer since 2018
Easy to use. Getting more intuitive each year. Great support. Produces the reports I need with ease.
- Shelby Greenlow, customer since 2018
Volunteerlocal is always very helpful and quick to respond to questions. I appreciate the personal touches.
- Chari Ghrist October 2020
Great client service!
- Jason Solomon, customer since 2017
The key to this software is the ability for volunteers to self-register and self-schedule. Once our festival template was built it could not be easier. After the festival just download the volunteer data, set the new festival dates and go live again for the next year. As each festival nears I just provide access to any Team Leaders that need to take over their particular volunteer list. And... the customer service is excellent, a huge plus.
- Scott Wilson, customer since 2016
VolunteerLocal is easy to use, and when i do have questions, there is always someone to help me out. I also love the webinars that are offered free of charge. A great tool at a great price!
- Karen O'How, customer since 2016
I love to be able easily to move volunteers, create "hidden" jobs, access information in any manner of ways. I tell people it's like MAGIC!
- Marcey Terrien March 2020
The VolunteerLocal team is so quick to help with any needs we have and the platform is user friendly - which is a must for our events!
- P3R Volunteers, customer since 2018
The platform is great! User friendly to set up and for our volunteers to sign up! Thank you!
- Christy, customer since 2018
I love the ease of use and the intuitive nature of the program. I have to set up three different "paths" for my volunteers and it's not a problem.
- Shelby Greenlow, customer since 2018
I love the flexibility of this product. It meets the needs of our event perfectly. The customer service is great too.
- Volunteer Coordinator, customer since 2018
Being readily available to answer questions and assist was very helpful and appreciated!
- Glen Barker, customer since 2017
This site works extremely well for me to manage almost 700 volunteers for our annual event. Being able to copy data from one year to the next, being able to email or text volunteers easily, and keeping shifts and times organized is a must for us.
- Chari Ghrist February 2020
Customer service was always available when we had questions and was very helpful.
- Customer since 2018
I just love the ease of the system and its flexibility for our volunteers.
- Jan Milroy, customer since 2014
Volunteer Local makes it easy for us to organize, communicate with and keep track of our volunteers.
- LaFaun Reed Kahn, customer since 2018
VolunteerLocal is wonderful. User friendly from the volunteer perspective and from the end user side. VolunteerLocal has a friendly, fast responding team, and they are always making improvements to help conform to our ever changing needs. Melissa Cade, P3R
- Melissa Cade, customer since 2015
We love Volunteer Local! Easy to use platform, both back end and public facing. And BEST customer service.
- Karissa, customer since 2018
We love the simplicity of use, the ability to personalize outreach, the instant email and all other tekkie features, as well as the accessible support team.
- Customer January 2020
Fairly easy to use and implement - I had a friend/colleague inquire for a non profit she worked with about software people had used and would recommend and I gave her your company name to look at.
- Customer since 2016
Human assistance is key. anyone who needs your services like we do are busy, busy with their events. Having response and quick responses to questions on the software is crucial. Thank you for always being there for me.
- Reba Stone, customer since 2016
Easy to use.
- Karen Lester, customer since 2018
It is a pleasure working with you and your crew. Everyone is always pleasant, willing to help and answer any questions. You are open to hearing what we as your client can use in the system, and then work hard to make it happen.
- Customer since 2018
Volunteer local saves everyone involved a tremendous amount of time.It is very easy for our volunteers to self schedule. Now that we have used it for several years they know when they can begin signing up for shifts. The people who set up the schedule are able to easily update the shifts for each season.
- MaryAlice Anderson, customer since 2018
The website is easy to navigate. I like the ability to email all the volunteers for my area with updates.
- Customer since 2018
The ease, and completeness of this program makes my job infinitely easier. The customer service is by far the best and fastest!
- Sandi Buehner, customer since 2016
EZ to use as a manager. Dumping spreadsheet data is useful.
- Customer since 2016
I help with an event where volunteers are crucial. Volunteer local helps keep me organized with time slots and access to the Volunteer’s contact info. It’s a simple and effective interface.
- Ken Furrow, customer since 2018
I use this once a year through a link from the American Birkebeiner. Once I get into this again, it is very easy to use. Thank you.
- Customer since 2018
Volunteerlocal has been a huge help to us in coordinating volunteer positions for our large events. If we ever have an issue, the staff is quick to respond and always helpful.
- Customer since 2018
I really like that I could send a new email to all the volunteers from the previous year to ask for help. The format is easy to use and can be explained quickly.
- Michelle Tomblin, customer since 2015
I've used VolunteerLocal for a large event and a small event, and it served well both times. For the large event, it's an integral part — I don't know how we would function without it. That experience made me recommend it for another event I recently helped start. The system's flexibility and great customer support are two key factors.
- Pat Thompson October 2019
You guys are extremely professionals and do the job right, thinking about both sides, the agencies and the volunteers. Well and nicely done.
- Lina Almanzan October 2019
Responsiveness to questions and concerns and links to training materials and content and lastly a flexibility to consider the particular challenges of events, like our statewide one, and make it not just possible to partner and use your services but to make our Youth Outreach and Count better year to year.
- Carl Asikainen, customer since 2017
Very easy to navigate and use the website.
- Mike Idacavage, customer since 2016
I have been delighted with Volunteerlocal. Not only is their program excellent,user friendly and just what we need but the staff is incredibly responsive and helpful.
- Gillian Larson, customer since 2016
Love the one on one support! Volunteerlocal always makes us feel like a valued customer and makes communicating with our volunteers so easy!
- SunFest, customer since 2018
The system is eay to use. I would love options for teams registering to volunteer.
- Customer since 2015
I probably only use a small portion of the program, but what I need works well, is user friendly, and does what I need it to do.
- Mike McLoud, customer since 2017
It is easy to set up and customize. Easy for student volunteers to just click link and also sends them reminders, important,specific information..I love this product.
- Sherri Bottom, customer since 2014
The system is easy to use to sign up. And when you ask to be kept up to date for other events, this system sends you the options and allows you to pick the one/ones for which you would like volunteer.
- Customer since 2018
VolunteerLocal has always been able to handle the quirky nature of our event. When our needs didn’t quite fit, Customer Service was always able to find a work around! Love this software.
- Susan Hensley, customer since 2015
VolunteerLocal makes it so easy for volunteers to view and select their preferred positions, while we (the organizers) can easily view details and export lists with a few simple clicks.
- Customer since 2016
Everyone is very helpful
- Kim Langston, customer since 2018
We really appreciate the customer service! We always receive quick detailed responses and with great attention to detail. The platform is easy to navigate and you are always open to feedback! This really helps me stay on top of all my administration work and stay very organized! Thank you :-)
- Canfitpro Stone October 2019
Enjoy the features. Makes Volunteer planning easier. I would like to have the ability to send a draft of volunteer communications to proof, so that I do not send a message with typos or errors.
- David Slinker, customer since 2015
Ease of access and organization of volunteers into groups.
- Adrian Berkeley, customer since 2018
The user support we received from Volunteer Local was excellent.
- Customer September 2019
I love that I can log in to see how my volunteer slots are filling and export reports as I need them. Works so much better than the paper model we used to use.
- Ann DeTorre, customer since 2015
System works very well and tech support is very helpful.
- Doug Schwab, customer since 2018
Easy to use
- Customer September 2019
Thanks for keeping a free option for non-profits! Your system provides us with an easy registration process and is simple to use.
- Customer September 2019
- Easy to set up an event and use the tool for managing our people resources. - Robust platform that's flexible in allowing for role and schedule changes. - Allows for customization of sign-up fields. - Easy to copy over the event for the following year.
- Albert Ngai, customer since 2016
very user friendly
- Customer September 2019
We love your business and tools!
- Coordinator, customer since 2018
It’s easy to use, hours are easy to track and easy to edit or alter if necessary.
- Sharon Snow, customer since 2018
Easy to understand. Get my reports quickly. Love the ease of use.
- Marilyn Teague, customer since 2016
VolunteerLocal provides a user-friendly database; perfect for our events. The VL team is timely, friendly, and top-notch!
- P3R Volunteers, customer since 2018
I am not the one who has set up the program for use but I access if often and I also signup for different volunteer request and it is very simple.
- Adam Aurelio September 2019
VolunteerLocal is flexible, the use of logic makes it user friendly on the backend, the support staff is outstanding and I find the building of my registration pages super easy.
- Shelby Greenlow, customer since 2018
Quick and precise, easy to use.
- Carol Masters, customer since 2016
Easy to use
- Alton Evans, customer since 2017
The program makes it easy to organize and track our volunteers for our largest project.
- LaFaun Reed Kahn, customer since 2018
For those that enjoy giving back to the community it is a good way to stay connected and know where to help.
- Customer since 2018
Quick response to questions is paramount!
- Customer since 2017
For someone familiar with the program, it's fairly simple and easy to sign up for events. For a "newbie", it can be confusing. A lot has to do with how the event coordinator sets up the sign-up process.
- Victoria Wilson, customer since 2018
VolunteerLocal is a wonderful, intuitive system that allows us to easily manage a large number of volunteers. It has saved us countless hours (and headaches) over the years. I would highly recommend VolunteerLocal to anyone planning an event.
- Jana Daisy August 2019
The Volunteer program makes scheduling and managing volunteer shifts easy. We especially appreciate being able to pull up volunteer or shift information in a variety of ways to suit any particular need. The Friday "tips" are a good idea, too. We definitely will be continuing our subscription!
- Customer since 2018
Very responsive to my emails :)
- Customer since 2018
I love the software and its simplicity while allowing for more complex data collection
- Customer since 2018
Love the platform! Scheduling volunteers is a breeze.
- Jason Solomon, customer since 2017
We liked the way it was easy to use and easy for our volunteers to sign up. We were able to add our schedule and volunteer needs which was just what we needed!
- Customer since 2017
VolunteerLocal was fast, easy and efficient. We were able to upload our information from one year to the next making planning a huge event easier on our army of volunteers.
- Katie, customer since 2018
Great people, instant responses, immediate solutions! Don't look anywhere else.
- Phil Garratt, customer since 2015
VolunteerLocal is always available to answer my questions and help resolve any needs. VolunteerLocal is also an extremely user-friendly database; one that helps our volunteers sign up with ease!
- Melissa Cade, customer since 2015
The interface is generally easy to use and the data is easy to access and extract.
- David Lane, customer since 2016
The ability to easily collect data about volunteers, and to send them email, is especially helpful.
- Customer August 2019
VolunteerLocal is a reliable volunteer registration and management system, and you provide quality customer service all year round.
- Customer since 2015
The back-end of the system is very user-friendly and customer service is top notch. Highly recommend!
- Customer August 2019
We loved using Volunteer Local for our annual library fair with approximately 100 volunteers.. We especially like the automatic emails that go to people who sign up, as well as the ability to sort and select recipients by job for further communication. The ability to create awesome spreadsheets and sign in sheets is great, too. Thank you. Diane DeChillo, Stone Ridge Library Fair Co-Chair
- Carol Donnelly July 2019
Creating reports are easy and helpful.
- Karen Farruggia, customer since 2014
Excellent servicing and fielding of our questions.
- Gayle Hart, customer since 2018
good support both by email and phone calls for trouble shooting
- Customer since 2018
Friendly staff and a very quick response time. I appreciate that I can call or email and someone gets back to me quickly.
- Lisa Thompson, customer since 2018
This program is user friendly. It was easy to have volunteers sign up and we were able to communicate with them effectively.
- Customer since 2018
You make the process of volunteering easy!
- Laura Moore, customer since 2017
I love how easy it is...times and dates are right there so I can look at my own schedule and hit the times I can volunteer.
- Vera Ford July 2019
The VL team is always quick to address questions and are very willing to adjust their system to fit our needs.
- Emily Cox, customer since 2018
Treated me well
- Tracy Moland July 2019
This system makes it so easy for us to manage our event. Thank you!
- Customer since 2016
All volunteers are very helpful and committed to the tasks assigned them.
- Customer since 2018
I've been using VolunteerLocal for several years as part of the planning committee for the Friends School Plant Sale in St. Paul, MN. It's easy to use, and seems to be very reliable. It's easy to make revisions when necessary, to sign volunteers up, and to check volunteers' assignments when requested to do so. I'd recommend this tool to anyone who wants to run a volunteer-staffed event!
- Customer since 2013
User friendly
- Customer since 2018
The site is user friendly and easy to navigate to set up your event. It makes organizing volunteers for a large scale event so much easier.
- Customer since 2015
I enjoy the fact that I can reach out to VolunteerLocal and get a timely response. I also like how the product is always evolving and new functionality is added at a fairly regular pace.
- James, customer since 2018
Volunteerlocal Software is very user friendly .. what I really appreciate is the personal touch. I use this once a year for a 9 day Festival with a lot of moving parts and people. if works beautifully. But every year I have to call just to get me started again. (My fault) but everyone is so Patient with me and great to answer questions, even if it is the same ones every year. THANK YOU Volunteer Local your the BEST. love working with you all. Reba Stone, Operations Manager/ Volunteer Coordinator Sedona Film Festival
- Reba Stone, customer since 2016
First and most importantly is that you CARE. Today everyone is so very busy with their own agenda and selfishly ignore the needs of others. Volunteering requires a heart that is willing to deny self, so that others may receive the gift of Love.
- Edward Husband, customer since 2016
It makes sign-ups simple, and it's easy to track. SO much better than our old notebook!
- Sheri Grossardt, customer since 2017
Easy to use and export information.
- Neal Drucker, customer since 2016
I can log on and easily pull reports of volunteers who have signed up. I really like how you list # of spots available and # spots filled.
- Urban Cindy Dell, customer since 2015
Your CVB Staff and your steering Committee Teams are amazing to work with :-)
- Lori Choate, customer since 2018
Volunteer Local is a great program. User friendly, produces good reports and easy to input shifts
- Kerri Marigold, customer since 2018
I have found the program very easy to use and the support staff are incredible in assisting us in maintaining the efficacy of our information and how we utilize it. Should you plan to make changes in the future that would improve usability I would be happy to provide my suggestions for your consideration.
- Nadine June 2019
Volunteerlocal is a great tool for managing our event.
- Kevin McNulty, customer since 2015
VL does a great job of trying to think of all the different aspects that may be needed with volunteer sign up, as well as educating on features that we may not know how to use, or are available. And if there is a specific need that they don’t offer, they’ll help develop one, or come up with another option. Everyone at VL is so helpful & easy to talk to. Highly recommended!
- Customer since 2018
Great support, easy website to set up
- Customer since 2018
The tool is easy to work with. We used it as a way for trainers to sign up to teach classes and for team members to sign up to attend trainings. The team is quick to respond to our questions. Very helpful!
- Mandy Rumsey, customer since 2017
I love the flexibility of Volunteer Local. It lets me collect specific information on our volunteers that is valuable. I love the way it allows team captains, etc. to contact their teams directly through the site. I've used it for 8 years now and it works for me!
- Katie McFadden May 2019
Great customer service!
- Customer since 2018
Customer service was readily available via phone call. We truly appreciated this!
- Customer since 2018
Really love using VolunteerLocal software - it makes running our Festival soooo much easier! Because our Festival is only run every 2 years, it can be difficult to remember what has happened, but Kaylee and her team copy across the prior year and we then spend only very minimal time updating it to fit. Emails are always answered very promptly and it really is a great product! Thanks VolunteerLocal!
- Customer May 2019
Your communication tool is wonderful, I can send a message to all volunteers but we can also allow our captains to communicate with their individual team.
- Customer since 2015
Each year we expand our event. Each year, Volunteer Local makes my job infinitely easier. Each year, I find additional ways to use features I thought I would never need or use, making my job even easier. Support is beyond exemplary! When I forget how to use something, or come up with a need, support always finds a way to help me.
- Sandi Buehner, customer since 2016
As a real user of VolunteerLocal, I can attest that it is user friendly! Even though I only need this once a year for a special event in my town where I coordinate volunteers, it’s simple to get back into it and do my job of keeping track of 70+ volunteer shifts over a 9-day event. Thank you!!
- Customer since 2018
Always do an amazing job!
- Customer since 2018
We love Volunteerlocal! The ability for people to self select shifts and copy events and shifts saves so much time!
- Cedar Pridefest, customer since 2014
Easy for volunteers to register, easy for team leaders to communicate/generate reports, great customer service.
- Volunteer Coordinator, customer since 2018
Very well organized and easy to get registered as a volunteer. The website is extremely user friendly!
- Kim Dupuis May 2019
Your site is very user friendly.
- Customer since 2016
We enjoy using volunteer local. Having access to our info no matter if we are in the office or on the go is huge for us as we travel a lot. We also enjoy how easy it is to use ourselves as well as people signing up. It takes a huge load off of our plates. We enjoy the feature of being able to see how many volunteer spots we have left the most.
- Customer since 2018
We love Volunteer Local! It's simple and easy for us and our volunteers. And the customer service is awesome!
- Chris, customer since 2018
Volunteer Local is a simply a great platform, allowing potential volunteers to view shifts available, register and cancel online at anytime. The support from the team at Volunteer Local is second to none, nothing is too much of a problem for them.
- Customer May 2019
I find VolunteerLocal very easy to use and if I have a question or concern my issue is addressed quickly. Three things I would like to see are 1) be able to download a report of those who cancel after signing up to volunteer so that we have their contact information in case they canceled by mistake. 2) be able to arrange the order in which jobs are listed and 3) have the description of the job be shown without having to click on the job description.
- Customer since 2018
I like the reports of former volunteers and love to send group emails. Thanks
- Customer since 2015
Great customer service! This team is on it, cares, and really happy to help whenever I ask. Bravo!
- Customer May 2019
Your employees were very helpful and there was several to help in the process.
- Tina Wright May 2019
So easy to use!
- Jill, customer since 2018
Great concept, huge and professional help for small and big events.
- Natasa April 2019
The system has been running much better the past few months. The couple of glitches that we had, were our volunteers could not check in or out. Once you solved the problem, it has been working extremely well. Thanks.
- Jeff Finke, customer since 2015
VolunteerLocal's approach is a great fit for our large one-weekend event, and they have provided great service at an affordable price. I don't know how we would manage our volunteer infrastructure without them.
- Pat Thompson April 2019
Simple, organized, what more can we ask for
- Customer since 2018
We have worked with Volunteer Local for the last three years. Their database is extremely user friendly, both for the administrators and the volunteers. Each year they have offered new features that make signing up and communicating with volunteers easier and more efficient. Since most of our volunteers are teens, communication with them is challenging. Volunteer Local has met this challenge through their texting feature and the phone app. And new features are explained to us by their very knowledgeable and patient staff. They operate on the very highest level of customer service.
- Jodi Regan, customer since 2015
Volunteerlocal is very easy to use!
- Customer since 2016
The software program is an easy way to communicate with our student volunteers, easy for them to click the link to go to volunteer sign up page...and tabulate all volunteer hours. Love this program. Been using it for several years. Sherri Bottom, Volunteer Coordinator
- Sherri Bottom, customer since 2014
We are very happy with VolunteerLocal.com It makes our volunteer sign-ups so much easier. We are The Sustainable Living Foundation (all volunteers ourselves) and every year we direct The Run for Zimbabwe Orphans and Fair. We are now in our 20th year! We have a lot of categories for volunteers-- mascots, cultural booths and registration for the run etc. It would be crazy to keep all of this on a spread sheet!
- Ellen April 2019
easy to use, complete volunteer coordination package.
- Rich April 2019
Lucy!!! Lucy has helped out Adopt a Native Elder over the years and we would be nowhere without her. I sing her (and VL) praises all the time!!
- Mary, customer since 2018
I think what I like most about this program that is if I run into a stumbling block along the way, all that I have to do is pick up the phone for an immediate answer. The service is above an beyond. The program is also very user friendly.
- Nick Schwob, customer since 2017
Working directly with one person, in this case, Lucy, was invaluable.
- Customer since 2018
I'm working with the start line of the peachtree road race and it's been great for keeping up with my volunteers and sending emails.
- Customer since 2018
The VolunteerLocal software is flexible enough to handle any of our idiosyncrasies. When it can't, the support team is always there to find a work around.
- Susan Hensley, customer since 2015
The Volunteer Local Platform is a wonderful tool for managing volunteer information. It is comprehensive and very easy to use. I would absolutely use it and/or recommend it anytime there is an opportunity.
- Alton Evans, customer since 2017
Staff always patient with my questions and willing to walk me through troublesome applications..
- Marcey Terrien March 2019
VL did a great job for our event. The staff was always available and helpful if we had any questions. I would recommend them.
- Jim Crist, customer since 2018
Having this basic free service available to our non-profit agency is a tremendous benefit, especially when we only hold one volunteer-driven event a year. Volunteers have said the system is easy to use and I find it simple to manage as an event coordinator.
- Customer March 2019
It makes managing our volunteers and communication with them much easier.
- Erik Albers March 2019
I greatly appreciate your kind, personal, and very helpful customer service. No matter my question, I have always received the best help!
- Jackie, customer since 2018
I like the font and the ease of using the drop down menus, so that I can email my volunteers quickly.
- Marilyn Teague, customer since 2016
Kaylee you and your team are exceptional! Melissa
- P3R Volunteers, customer since 2018
Volunteer Local is always able to adapt to our needs. If a functionality does not currently exist, they will either add it or call you to explain a workaround. We have not yet hit an obstacle that Volunteer Local could not overcome.
- Mark Haiar, customer since 2018
We have more than 1,300 volunteers and over 80 jobs at the Friends School Plant Sale. It’s a huge sale. When we signed up with Volunteer Local in 2014, we were nervous about trusting Volunteer Local with the business of handling our volunteers...our most important asset. We had our own volunteer sign up system and it worked, although we had outgrown it. Well, VL not only handled our volunteer signup process seamlessly, they also listened to our feedback and made modifications and updates to the system to meet our needs. Volunteer Local has become an integral part of our sale. Bravo VL!
- Garth Morrisette, customer since 2013
Love the ability to copy events with all Jobs and Shifts from year to year!
- Tonja Carrigg, customer since 2018
I love that Volunteer Local helps us manage our volunteers so easily! It's easy to have volunteers sign up themselves, send reminders and communication updates. It also runs reports that help us manage our volunteers.
- Theresa Garcia-Parks, customer since 2016
Easy to use and communicate with volunteers!
- Customer since 2018
The best feature, in my opinion, is that when you send emails from the VL system, it comes from your email address and not some branded, unknown email address. It lets my volunteers know immediately that the communication is from me, without question.
- Charley Rejsek, customer since 2018
My volunteers always tell me how easy it is to use the website (integrated with VolunteerLocal). It makes life easy for our volunteer coordinator, and we can maintain communication with all our volunteers as needed. Thanks for a great service!
- Customer since 2018
I enjoy using volunteer local because it does everything I need it to do for the job I’m doing. Also, the customer service is superb. I’ve always gotten a call back right away and they are always professional and informative.
- Anne Kincaid, customer since 2018
The system was easy to use, understand and maneuver through. Your people were available and helpful if assistance was needed. It was easy to run reports to check on volunteer sign-up progress or details for serving. I thought it was wonderful.
- Mellanie Hunt, customer since 2018
VolunteerLocal basics are easy to use and affordable for small organizations. Staff is friendly and responsive to questions and concerns. The web-based system is very helpful for organizations like ours that have multiple remote volunteers.
- Wendy Digiorno, customer since 2016
It has been so important for us to find a way for potential volunteers to easily sign-up for our opportunities. Volunteer Local allows them to sign-up day or night, and receiving an immediate confirmation helps make them feel comfortable about their position. And for us at Living History Farms it is so much easier to sign up and keep track of the volunteers.
- Jan Milroy, customer since 2014
Exceptional customer service! I really appreciate that in the fast-paced world of event planning that I can get a question quickly and thoroughly answered about the functionality of the VolunteerLocal site. I have used VolunteerLocal to recruit and organize volunteers for 4 very different clients and have been able to tweak it to very different needs. - Lisa Thompson, customer since 2018
- Lisa Thompson, customer since 2017
It makes it easy to see who is signed up, make changes and print reports. It was a serious life changer for me.
- Ann DeTorre, customer since 2015
The software is easy to use, and your team is terrific with customer service!
- Beth Salinger, customer since 2016
The system was very easy to use and helpful in keeping the volunteer schedule straight for our conference in 2019!
- Customer since 2017
Just great customer service!
- Customer since 2018
volunteerlocal has the muscle to handle hundreds of volunteers, completely customizable and has all the features we need.
- Amedeo Rossi, customer since 2018
Volunteerlocal is such a wonderful way to put on events and attend them. It makes things simple which is ideal in this fast-paced world we live in.
- Miranda Mortenson, customer since 2018
Volunteer Local is an amazing system that has helped us recruit and streamline our volunteer process. It is user friendly for both volunteers and administrators. I would recommend them to ANYONE who needs a volunteer management tool!
- Chelcie Spencer, customer since 2018
volunteer local helps us publicize and manage over 200 volunteers for a massive two-day outdoor event in the park. We can specify different job descriptions and shifts, and year-to-year we can roll over the plan as it does not change much. This is a huge improvement over any other sign up program we have used.
- Kimberly Towne, customer since 2016
The ease of the system is fabulous and the support is always there.
- Katie, customer since 2018
Great user friendly platform. Excellent administrative responses. Affordable. Thank you - Patricia Dalton, customer since 2018
- Patricia Dalton, customer since 2018
Easy of use! Tracking and exporting data. Perfect!
- Tim Bolen, customer since 2018
I cannot say enough about how amazing VolunteerLocal is to work with. The online form is amazing and has streamlined our volunteer registration, it’s easy to troubleshoot and completely intuitive, and when I can’t figure it out the customer service is prompt and completely thorough. - Karissa, customer since 2018
- Karissa, customer since 2018
Running reports was very easy. Creating and editing shifts and volunteer types was very easy as well.
- Customer since 2018
The site is easy to use and provides the information necessary to get things done.
- David Lane, customer since 2016
I've used the free version and paid version. Both are easy to set up, easy to export reports, and easy to keep an eye on how recruitment is going.
- Customer February 2019
One of my favorite things about VolunteerLocal is how easy it is to use. It takes very little time to set up events and the check in process for volunteers is effortless. Another great thing is the responsiveness of the VolunteerLocal team. Every time we have ever had any questions, you have responded almost immediately! - Andrea Rocha, February 2019
- Andrea Rocha, customer since 2014
the VL team is always very responsive to questions. i've enjoyed using the system for several years, and have suggested it to others. It is easy to use, and makes organizing an event even better.
- Barb Niccum, customer since 2018
5 years of using Volunteerlocal the system has proved to be reliable, efficient and has streamlined our volunteer registration and management. We appreciate the quality customer service and IT support we receive from Volunteerlocal. - Douglas Okero, January 2019
- Douglas Okero, customer since 2015
The customer service at VolunteerLocal is great. Everyone is helpful and quick to respond. Any suggestions made to improve the functionality of the system is taken under advisement and implemented if it creates a better user experience. - Customer, January 2019
- Customer January 2019
The interface is easy to use. I use the feature to generate a list of names and corresponding email addresses to send info directly to people I’m working with.
- Customer January 2019
Great customer service combined with a great product. Made everything so much easier.
- Stan Adams January 2019
'Volunteer Local' makes my job coordinating 4000 volunteers, annually, so much easier, by providing the platform and tools for our volunteers to feel informed, connected and most importantly, valued.
- Ronda Tworek, customer since 2015
VolunteerLocal provides an easy-to-use platform for volunteers interested in event-based service opportunities. Back-end functions are user-friendly, and the customer service is personal. Highly recommend working with Kaylee and her team!
- Kristin Huinker January 2019
We had a very successful experience with Volunteer Local. You were there on the phone to speak w/ me when we were getting up and running, and that user friendly approach was teriffic. The program itself is great--we love the instant email reply when people sign up, and list making capabilities We want to re-up for this year's library fair. The reasonable price was a plus as well, as it fits our small budget. Diane DeChillo, Library Program Manager, Stone Ridge Library
- Carol Donnelly January 2019
I found this program very beneficial, easy to use and offered great customer support. I would highly recommend.
- Customer January 2019
Amazing customer service. Very attentive to our needs and always quick to answer questions and resolve any issues. Platform is very user friendly which makes it easy to organize our festivals. - April Miller, January 2019
- April Miller, customer since 2017
VolunteerLocal is the most intuitive database out there for our volunteers. The VolunteerLocal team has a way of connecting with you 1:1. No matter what the request, the turnaround and their assistance is remarkable. Absolutely outstanding on every level! - Melissa Cade, January 2019
- Melissa Cade, customer since 2015
We love working with Volunteerlocal! It makes coordinating our volunteer program a snap. It's not a decision of to use it or not, it's a question of why didn't I do it earlier?
- Kristi Collier, customer since 2018
It so easy to use!!
- John Spangler, customer since 2018
Good software tool for small to mid size events (10 day event with approximately 200 volunteers) Help desk offered good support for troubleshooting and custom requests. thanks for all your help Kaylee Amanda
- Customer since 2018
So easy to use. We use it for several different festivals and events and it's the volunteer management solution we had been looking for for quite some time. We are always excited to introduce the software to new clients.
- Jessica, customer since 2018
VolunteerLocal meets our needs and us affordable. The team are always there to help with any questions or things that may come up. We are quite pleased with VolunteerLocal
- Sherri Robbins, customer since 2017
I plug in via the Atlanta Track Club - VL enables me to seamlessly lead my group within VL w/o needing to cut and paste etc. thanks greatly
- Richard Owens, customer since 2017
You are responsive, informative, friendly, and help me resolve me issues. Thank you!
- Coordinator, customer since 2018
VolunteerLocal is a great way to make your volunteer needs and positions public and known to those who otherwise wouldn't be aware of the need.
- Customer since 2016
VolunteerLocal's customer service is always wonderful. Everyone works hard to make sure we have exactly what we need or helps us figure out a solution if we don't. From running reports to helping with any sign-up issues, VolunteerLocal has been a great option for us.
- Kim, customer since 2018
I thoroughly enjoy working with Volunteer Local. I especially appreciate the personal and quick customer service. It's comforting to know that if there's a feature I wish was a part of the program, they will take the time to look into making it happen.
- Emily Cox, customer since 2018
Customer service--working with our team to show them how to use features, and at times helping to jury-rig some features.
- Eli Asch, customer since 2016
Ease of use by volunteer and agency.
- Customer since 2018
Love Volunteer Local. Am a volunteer for a church. We started using Volunteer Local in 2014 and have used and expanded subscription over those years. Easy to set up, easy to use for all volunteers, easy to use for varied and multiple events. Staff are always super responsive. Definitely recommend Volunteer Local to any group looking to upgrade and better organize their volunteer sign up processes.
- Customer since 2014
the best part of volunteer local is being able to call and talk to a person immediately to get help. They are friendly and knowledgeable and always helpful!
- Customer since 2018
It makes volunteering and scheduling so easy. I’ve used it for a number of events and I love it.
- Customer since 2018
It is definitely a much more convenient way to communicate with my volunteers and know when they sign up.
- Carolyn Mather, customer since 2018
So I already brought a new festival on board! Feedback: I've worked for a number of festivals of various sizes, and have used a range of sign-up systems. I love Volunteer Local--It's easy to use for self sign-ups, shift changes, team leader communications, reports, etc. Good customer service. Love the extra available features of hidden shifts and password protected areas. Reasonably priced for what you get!
- Marcia Woodward, customer since 2018
I love that you are so quick to respond to issues or questions.
- Trevor January 2019
Volunteer Local is very functional and user-friendly! It is easy to set up and super simple for our volunteers to register. I started out with the free basic version for one event and switched over to the subscription for all of our large events. Staff is quick to respond to issues and always willing to assist. I would definitely recommend Volunteer Local to anyone looking to update their volunteer registration process!
- Sophia Freni January 2019
We love that it's so easy to use.
- Julie Donnelly, customer since 2018
Volunteer Local is set up to make volunteer recruitment, tracking and communication super easy. I work with many NPO groups that are producing events and when they use Volunteer Local it sets them up for a success. Volunteer Local is a great tool for maximizing volunteer resources.
- Customer since 2016
My main specific is your customer service. I have a question and you are so quick to answer and your answers are relevant and basic so I can move forward. The non-specific is the program is easy to use and it is easy for the volunteers to sign up. You have made my job so much easier. Thank you!
- Crystal Wolfe Goehring, customer since 2017
I feel as though you were available to answer questions and make changes to suit our needs!
- Lisa Halbert, customer since 2017
Ease of set up and operation.
- Steve Bajor December 2018
Thanks for the many options.
- Wanda Blalock, customer since 2018
Very helpful and responsive to questions!
- Erik, customer since 2018
We have been using Volunteer Local for 3 years now. It is a top-notch tool for managing volunteers! We have 2,900 volunteers (502 jobs, 706 shifts) over a 3-day period to manage from individuals to groups. I can see with two clicks a status on all of those. I can send communication to all of them at once or individual. Volunteer Local meets all of our needs and they are constantly making improvements to make it even better. Their support is fantastic! They listen to feedback and make improvements based on the feedback. Absolutely love VL and highly recommend it! Kim Scott, Volunteer Coordinator Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon
- Volunteer Coordinator, customer since 2015
I have always had a easy access to the Information that I needed, and the is very important when you're trying to manage a large amount of people.
- Edward Husband, customer since 2016
Thank you Volunteer local you Guys ROCK! So easy to talk to and very patiently guided me thru the process of setting up my new event for this year. This is our 4th major Event with you and the software is awesome. Thank you for great customer service. Reba Stone Operations Manager and Volunteer Coordinator Sedona Film Festival
- Reba Stone, customer since 2016
I find it very ease to set up and integrate with our web site.
- Customer since 2017
Quick customer service, easy to use, affordable, nice extra features such as birthday greetings, simple event day check-in
- Andrea, customer since 2018
The site is easy to use. I love the volunteer communication section so I don't have to type everyone's email into my regular email to send additional information. Thanks for all the updates. It has been a huge time saver for us to use this system instead of requesting volunteers to sign up through email.
- Julie Gage, customer since 2015
VolunteerLocal continues to make improvements and add new features to their product. They are also very responsive to my questions.
- James, customer since 2018
Volunteer Local has streamlined our volunteer process. The platform is well-organized and super user-friendly. The Volunteer Local team is great to work with and we love coming back year after year!
- Zeke Warzeka, customer since 2017
great tool fr communicating with volunteers and allows volunteers to manage their accounts
- Customer since 2017
I did not have a hands on role using the platform, but our volunteer coordination team was pleased with the workflow. Id love to setup a time for one of our volunteer coordinators and myself to speak with a volunteer local staff member to really refine which addons are necessary and how to best use the platform as our event and volunteer base grows.
- Customer since 2018
Gosh, there are many things we like about your product. We like it because: -It allows for multiple administrators -It allows for lots of customization -It's easy to copy a listing which is perfect for us Additionally, the customer service is excellent. When we've had questions, we've always received prompt responses.
- Customer since 2018
VolunteerLocal makes it easy to manage our 1,000+ volunteers working at the National Catholic Youth conference. The software is great and the support from the VolunteerLocal team is outstanding?
- Kevin McNulty, customer since 2015
VolunteerLocal streamlined our process in more ways than I can express. We will continue to use this service year over year!
- Customer since 2018
VolunteerLocal is a great way to direct volunteers to one place to sign up and it enables us to keep track of and communicate with our volunteers easily. The fact that we can have more than one person as an administrator makes it possible for us to have a volunteer coordinator for events too! I'm glad we found this easy to use tool!
- Customer since 2018
VL's online volunteer system works perfectly for our annual summer event, NL Blues & BBQ! We needed a flexible system that worked seamlessly on both the volunteer end, as well as our organizations end for reporting, tracking of t-shirts info, groups, etc. Their help, flexibility in making the system fit our needs, and customer service has been fantastic and well worth the money! I foresee using VL for all of our current and future community events!
- Katie Colony, customer since 2018
Love the ability to communicate with volunteers. Good reports. Easy to use. Great customer service / help when needed!
- Rachel December 2018
Ease of use for admin and volunteers, capabilities of software, and good customer service!
- Patti Danner, customer since 2016
I am a seasonal employee for the Art Festival so I only use Volunteer Local each year I return to my job as Volunteer Coordinator. I am particularly impressed with the customer service and endless patience of the Volunteer Local staff who answer all my "dumb" questions to help me remember what I've forgotten and understand what is new. I feel like they really care. Great job Kaylee in creating a staff who takes care of the customers!
- Marcia Custer, customer since 2018
Great system.
- Peter Hosking November 2018
We love Volunteerlocal! This service has allowed us to stay in constant contact with our volunteers whether it be a Happy Birthday message or any updates made to their shifts. We have been utilizing this service to also sign up groups to be able to track the number of hours each group has worked. The staff has been super helpful and willing to assist with whatever we need, including listening to our inputs about what might work best for our events. Volunteerlocal is the ideal service for any size event and it has become a vital part of the National Cherry Festival!
- Alexis Bremer, customer since 2016
The system was easy to use and the customer service was fast at resolving issues.
- Customer November 2018
Volunteer Local is user-friendly and just right for our organization's needs.
- Customer since 2018
Volunteer Local has been a great partner of USA Triathlon for the past 3 years, and their platform has allowed us great flexibility with our volunteer recruitment, as well as being able to market to certain regions of the US.
- Customer since 2018
System flexibility with regard to creating/hiding/password-protecting at the job or shift level. Also lots of options when creating questions for volunteers, especially the use of conditional logic.
- Volunteer Coordinator November 2018
Easy to use system
- Beth, customer since 2018
I really don’t know how we would manage our 1,300 volunteers without VolunteerLocal —- or rather, I DO know because I used to try to help do it in the “olden days.” What a pain that was! I think my favorite part of VL is being able to see each volunteer’s history. Bravo, VolunteerLocal!
- Nancy Scherer, customer since 2014
I like the dashboard so that I can easily see how many of the volunteer positions have been filled. I like being able to download key information about my volunteers into a spreadsheet. I download just the details that I need, such as email address and phone number.
- Customer since 2018
VolunteerLocal is so flexible and allows me to include details specific to each job or shift or location. I especially love how it allows me or a sub-user to contact volunteers by date, job, shift, etc. to communicate any details or reminders to them.
- Katie McFadden November 2018
Easy to use platform; helps to organize and assign volunteers to specific roles when planning events; customizable job descriptions are a bonus; easy to communicate with large groups of volunteers or specific volunteer roles.
- Elizabeth Harfman, customer since 2015
We liked that we were able to customize the program to our needs for our event. Everyone we called to help us was friendly and helpful!
- Customer since 2018
Your customer service is much appreciated. You are open to hear what our specific needs are and work to make it possible. If we have concerns, you listen and try to correct it as quickly as possible.
- Customer since 2018
Lucy has been great to work with. She responds quickly to my questions. Tool is easy to use and modify for our specific uses.
- Customer since 2017
Volunteer Local is a comprehensive easy-to-use Volunteer Recruitment/Management system.
- Customer since 2018
We've been using Volunteer Local for the last three years on our music festivals. It's been incredibly helpful in registering, scheduling, communicating, and overall organizing of volunteers for our events. We recommend Volunteer Local to any organizer in need of a volunteer organizing solution.
- Gabe November 2018
I started using VolunteerLocal while organizing an event that required the support of about 200 volunteers. Before I started using VolunteerLocal, I received a great tutorial via telephone from Lucy. I love using it! Straight forward, easy to use and great support!!
- Karen O'How, customer since 2016
I love the ability to reach out one-on-one to make suggestions and see those put in place!
- Customer since 2016
the login process remains the same as events change; userid and password are consistent, don't change
- Customer since 2016
Great prices easy access to data easy onboarding for new volunteers.
- Customer since 2017
That platform is super easy to use and communicating with those who have signed up is very user friendly. We (Crossroads Church) have a platform that we use most of the times but in situations where we have folks volunteering who don't attend our church (and therefore don't have an account with our platform) Volunteer Local is by far the easiest and most efficient platform we have used.
- Todd Bretz, customer since 2015
The service you provide is excellent. We use it to set up volunteer opportunities that support non-profit organizations in the DFW area. The service is easy for our volunteers to use. It is also easy to edit our events as changes occur once you know how. The reports help us put info into an Excel spreadsheet for record tracking.
- Customer since 2018
The system was easy to us and allowed me to move volunteers where needed.
- Navy-Air Half Marathon, customer since 2016
I love how user friendly it is, and the fact that any time we have had problems you guys have been helpful and quick in your response time.
- Customer since 2015
The support, ease of use, variety of options, and times saving, makes Volunteer Local my favorite resource.
- Sandi Buehner, customer since 2016
its fast and easy to read and figure out thanks
- Customer since 2018
We love the ability to direct people to one sign up location and be able to email out from same system. It makes organizing our annual event with more than 100 volunteers so much easier!
- Cedar Pridefest, customer since 2014
I recommend this service whenever I can. It's very helpful when collecting volunteers and communicating instructions and details. We use the program for more than just events - we sign up staff members and volunteers for training too!
- Tara Pregnolato, customer since 2015
I love how I can use my own verbage to explain different volunteer positions. I appreciate being able to check and see how many places have been taken versus how many are left. This helps in the final push for volunteers advertising exactly which positions we need. Everything is in one place. We use volunteer local for multiple events we host.
- Customer since 2018
I have already recommended to several festivals. Easy to use, reasonable prices, and great customer service.
- Customer since 2018
Volunteer Local is easy for both event organizers and volunteers alike. Their team is responsive and we have been a happy customer for many years!
- Mindy Toyne, customer since 2018
Easy to use, with all the features that we needed
- Startup San Diego, customer since 2018
Easy to use once set up and then the ability to copy the listing to use for another event.
- Customer November 2018
Keeping track of volunteers is easy and gathering new volunteers is just as simple.
- Customer since 2018
We love that we can set up simple OR complicated sign ups for events. The best part is not having to see advertising on our pages. We are a church, so we worry about inappropriate ads and with VolunteerLocal, those worries don't exist. Thank you!
- Joan Seibenick November 2018
Volunteer Local gives the volunteers control over when and where they would like to volunteer. They are able to add friends which is great and if something comes up they can also cancel their shift. All of this greatly reduces the amount of time my team spends on the phone and talking to potential volunteers. I also love the email feature and birthday notification.
- Customer October 2018
I am so impressed by the quick responseS to all my questions, the kindness and efficient problem solving is so helpful. Great team and super friendly, too. Wouldn't work with anybody else. Honest!
- Sandy Brintnall October 2018
I like being able to see the report section and easily knowing the percentage of volunteers for each shift/position - makes it super easy to see numbers and keep track of things. I've also become much more efficient in creating the actual registration page due to you all keeping it simple and easy! I enjoy this platform :)
- Colton Spresser, customer since 2017
It's easy to find the right fit when looking for a place to volunteer
- Kelly Ruesing, customer since 2018
VolunteerLocal has been a great tool for us for several years now. It has everything I need and fabulous customer service! Your tweaks and updates from year to year have been really useful. Thank you!
- Customer since 2018
We have had nothing but a positive experience with Volunteer Local (VL), and our volunteers always tell me how easy it is to use! We did quite a bit of research on similar software applications, and chose VL because there's less management time required for scheduling volunteers because they do that on their own. It's so easy to handle canceling, rescheduling, and helping volunteers and allows our site managers to check in volunteers and track volunteer hours -- so many wonderful options that this program does that used to be done by hand. Before VL, our Volunteer Coordinator relied on redundant emails, phone calls & spreadsheets to organize volunteers for The Las Vegas Valley Theatre Awards. We signed up for the free version of VL and quickly and easily began creating jobs and shifts. The set up was very user friendly. The greatest challenge was training volunteers to use the online sign up but, once over that learning curve, communication with volunteers has been clearer, job descriptions has helped them know what to expect, and confirmation emails has given them their schedules without additional administrative work!
- Ralph Stalter October 2018
Love your software, your support and your quick response to helping solve our challenges when they arise and we need help figuring something out!!
- Customer since 2017
VolunteerLocal's infrastructure is a great match for our event's needs, and at those times (which always happen in reality) when it's not quite as good a fit, the VolunteerLocal team is great at working with us to make it fit. VolunteerLocal has transformed our event's volunteer-tracking to the point where we worry about it at least 50% less than we used to.
- Pat Thompson October 2018
The convenience for us and our volunteers to sign up. Our volunteer program was recently highlighted at our conference in DesMoines. Part of the presentation was that we used your program and how much we like it.
- Jeff Finke, customer since 2015
We love working with Volunteerlocal. Their system perfectly fits our needs, is easy to use and communicate with our volunteers. Set up is quick and great customer service when we do have questions. We have already signed onto Volunteerlocal for 2019 and look forward to continuing to partner! Beth Salinger Hospital Hill Run
- Beth Salinger, customer since 2016
I thought the program was very simple to use. I did not set up anything but I used the program to look at volunteer sign-ups. It was used for a very large volunteer operation – the Illinois marathon in Champaign Illinois
- Customer since 2018
I don't know how you would organize a volunteer event without VolunteerLocal. Made it easy to keep track of all shifts and volunteers.
- Karen Milner, customer since 2015
Your website is easy to navigate and I have received many Volunteers due to Volunteerlocal.
- Tammy Roberts, customer since 2015
the team at Volunteer Local have always been very responsive to our requests and feedback and were even able to build some extra functionality that we needed into the platform that helped make our event more manageable.
- Customer October 2018
Volunteerlocal was PERFECT for our needs, and we will for sure be using it again. I've also recced it to other nonprofit and small infrastructure events to use, as something super easy to pick up, easy for volunteers to sign up and use, and doesn't require a full-time volunteer manager.
- Heather Tucker, customer since 2018
I absolutely love VolunteerLocal. So easy to use, both as an administrator and for our volunteers. The only thing I would like to see added is either an app for administrators or a mobile optimized website. I often refer to VolunteerLocal during meetings and on the go and it would be nice to have the information easier to access on a smaller screen.
- Katie Riley, customer since 2017
The website is very user friendly. As well whenever we ask for help you are so polite and friendly and very helpful with any issues. Volunteer Local has completely altered the way our jobs function, by creating a space for our volunteers to coordinate themselves. We love Volunteer Local.
- Customer October 2018
Your site is very user friendly. Your phone support has been excellent. All of this is extremely important to me running a 3 day event with 4 events within the 3 days with over 400 volunteers. Thank you
- Gillian Larson, customer since 2016
A great product that is flexible and meets our needs well. Very responsive and supportive customer service.
- Customer since 2015
Thanks for being responsive for requests for help and for helping me think through the complexities of eight events statewide over a week-long period. Ours is one of the only Homeless Youth Counts that occurs statewide and Volunteer Local is helping us get better at organizing and executing such a big event.
- Carl Asikainen, customer since 2017
We get glowing reviews from our Volunteer Coordinator that works with the VolunteerLocal software. In turn, we shared your software with all the producers from around the globe attending the World Fringe Congress in Scotland last summer.
- Customer since 2018
Very easy to set up shifts for our event and contact the volunteers
- Customer since 2018
I love working with Volunteerlocal! The staff and support are the best! The team is very knowledgeable about their platform and always accommodating to our festival's needs.
- SunFest, customer since 2018
Volunteerlocal is understandable and easy to use. It is a very efficient way to coordinate volunteering!
- Customer since 2016
We always get great support needed to make our hydrastation work.
- Doug Hanner, customer since 2016
VolunteerLocal offers not only a great service, but more importantly amazing support for their users. Customer service has gone far beyond what we would have expected or hoped for to help us out and ensure a successful outcome.
- Customer since 2018
easy user friendly program. Easy for us to work on the back end and easy for our volunteers to navigate.
- Customer since 2018
The software is easy to use and was very effective at coordinating nearly 200 volunteers in a four day event with six thousand attendees. Without VolunteerLocal I might have managed to coordinate all those schedules, but it would have been much harder and probably would not have been done as well.
- Rich October 2018
The software was super helpful for our event's volunteer needs. We were able to coordinate a large amount of people with ease. Your support team is amazing. Every person I worked with from the demo to the day-to-day support was super personable and friendly. I have already recommended VolunteerLocal to other volunteer coordinators I know.
- Marielle Terbio, customer since 2017
We appreciate Volunteerlocal quality and timely customer service support that compliments the reliable system we have trust in registering and communicating with our thousands of volunteers who use the system every year.
- Customer October 2018
Your signup system is easy to use and as a coordinator I feel comfortable having my 'recruits' do their own signups. (I previously did it for them) Plus being made aware of other functions that are available, so that we may volunteer is a big plus. The work we do as volunteers is far outweighed by the fun and the sense of helping those who participate in the event.
- Customer since 2018
Once we enlisted VolunteerLocal to come on board, it made a world of difference. Our foundation, The Sustainable Living Foundation, puts on the Annual Run for Zimbabwe Orphans and Fair here in Mountain View California each spring. Juggling pieces of paper, spread sheets and trying to remember who signed up for which job was crazy! We have Prep jobs that go throughout the year. Then, there are jobs on race day such as timers, course guides or volunteers at the various booths oft the Zimbabwe Fair. We simply post the VolunteerLocal link on our web site-- www.ZimbabweParaguay.net -- and people can choose whatever jobs they want. It's very easy for both the volunteers and us!
- Ellen October 2018
Easy to access
- Randy Bates, customer since 2017
Use is for volunteers for our city festivals. Easy to use. Working on improving the the text reminders for volunteers and scheduling when they go out before shifts.
- Don Cheek, customer since 2018
I really appreciate your availability access and assistance with working through minor glitches and/or changes that need to be made. The format for volunteers signing up us quick, clearand easy to use. From the administers side, I like the wide range of options to search, report, change, etc the volunteer lists. One more thing, Lucy is an angel and so fun to work with on our conference calls. Kudos to her for her wisdom and help.
- Marilyn Boschetto, customer since 2018
This is one of the best programs that I have worked with in recent years. I have used it twice for our Conventions and it has proved to be one of our best tools for gathering information on our Volunteers location(s) to see if we have the locations covered adequately. Support is always available and extremely helpful.
- Nick Schwob, customer since 2017
Ease of access and contracting volunteers thru your system.
- Adrian Berkeley, customer since 2018
It is an easy way to managing and communicating to volunteers, as well as summarizing their particulars (e.g. volunteer info, shirt sizes required, etc.). In terms of improvement, it would be great if there was a feature to easily export email addresses into outlook, g-mail, etc. instead of using the website's e-mail feature.
- Customer October 2018
Volunteerlocal makes it so easy for anyone to sign up, and for me to keep track of everyone! Having nearly 200 used to make me cringe, but being able to access any information or send everyone a message with the click of a button certainly lifts a weight off my shoulders.
- Customer since 2016
Great tool for signing up, assigning, tracking and communicating with volunteers, including giving specific coordinators an internal communications tool to work with just their own area volunteers within the system. Best volunteer organizational and ease-of-use use tool I've seen. Plus the Vol. Local staff support was always extremely helpful (and quick) in their replies to questions or challenges we may have had. Great Volunteer organizational platform!
- Alamo Hollrah September 2018
Product is easy to use. Staff is very knowlegeble to helping to solve issues.
- Customer September 2018
One again, your customer support via Lucy Williams was outstanding. She helped us do the setup for the our 2019 event, which will be the 20th annual.
- Bill Clark September 2018
Single purpose software solution that: ~ is simple to use, yet provides good user flexibility ~ based on the key features of self-registration and self-scheduling ~ a very reasonable entry level price point ~ excellent service ~ our volunteers love to use!
- Scott Wilson, customer since 2016
Customer service!
- Wendy Wanner September 2018
Very easy to use; support staff is quick and happy to help; can use multiple "tools" even if choosing to use the free event.
- Lisa Beuning September 2018
This program is so easy to use for me as an event organizer, and we constantly get comments from volunteers on how easy it is to sign up! Whenever we need a question answered, Volunteer Local is there within minutes to answer it.
- Kim Thomson September 2018
VolunteerLocal is the best service we've found to help us organize volunteers. It's user friendly for volunteers and our staff and saves us lots of time in keeping things organized.
- DMSC Volunteer September 2018
I really like that we have the option to sign up for one event as we only have one event each year that is large enough to require volunteer registration on this scale. Allowing people to sign up for their own shifts makes the volunteer experience more pleasant and it does all the work for me - saving me a ton of time! I like that I can customize my questions, that I can easily move volunteers around manually if needed and choose not to email an individual every time a change is made. I also like that the information is easily exportable to excel. My first year managing our event, I tired to coordinate ~100 volunteers, their availability, and the schedules by hand. It took *so much time* and many volunteers were unhappy with the shifts as assigned. I knew there had to be a better way. Then I found VolunteerLocal and the experience for me and my volunteers has been so much better. Thank you!!
- Customer September 2018
You make the important work of volunteering easier to organize and manage. I'm grateful for what volunteer local provides to the community.
- Ciji September 2018
Loved that you contacted the volunteers with a reminder - one more thing I didn't have to do.
- Peg Hippen September 2018
The program is easy to set up and easy for volunteers to use.
- Susan September 2018
Our non-profit agency only holds a couple events per year, so great to have a free option for volunteer management that includes reporting and the ability to customize things exactly as we need. We have been very happy with the service and ease of use. It's got everything we need!
- Customer September 2018
Volunteering keeps you connected and feeling useful!!!
- Customer since 2018
Coordinating Volunteers can be stressful but Volunteer Local made the process so much easier with scheduling and data retrieval.
- Kali Serna, customer since 2018
Personable service (although sometimes it takes time for a response). Especially nice to feel you actually know me, my organization, my specific quirks. I love all the things the VL program can do to stream-line my job. This year my working hours dereased while my volunteer roster increased!
- Marcey Terrien September 2018
I like the ease of setting up our Online Volunteer Sign-up, the wonderfully kind and helpful people who trained and assisted me with setting it up. I love how I am able to track the progress of filling our volunteer shifts, running reports, and being able to make revisions on the fly. Thank YOU very much!
- Jackie, customer since 2018
Volunteer Local provides spot-on music festival volunteer planning tools that greatly enhance the part of the industry that goes largely unnoticed. At Mile of Music, we appreciate everything that Volunteer Local does for the industry and for always being available with answers and feedback to any and all questions we have.
- Ian Thomson, customer since 2018
Using VolunteerLocal for the past four years has made such a difference. It's given volunteers the ability to make changes to their schedule on their own along with freeing up time for me which formerly was spent spending far too much time with scheduling volunteer hours. We are very happy using VolunteerLocal.
- Jane Anfang, customer since 2018
I appreciate that the platform is easy to use. Lucy is always quick to respond if we need support.
- Cindy Harris, customer since 2016
The one on one communication and fast resolve of our questions and needs is wonderful. Feels like we all have been friends for years, I enjoy that personal touch. Melissa
- P3R Volunteers, customer since 2018
Excellent customer service. Almost always responding same day to questions we have and being open to setting up meetings to talk through any road blocks we come across. We have yet to experience an issue that the Volunteer Local Team has not been able to solve.
- Mark Haiar, customer since 2018
Easy to use, great for getting volunteers to sign up and pick the jobs they would like at the time they want. It would be nice to have the features included that are in the other plans. Price for the additional features a relatively small single event cost prohibitive.
- Jim Godbout, customer since 2018
I called the help number A LOT!!!! Your team was always prompt at getting back to me and never made me feel like an idiot, even though it's how I felt. It never took very long to solve the problem I was having and I learned how to resolve issues I was having by speaking with you.
- Anne Kincaid, customer since 2018
The setup of of different events is very helpful. The UI is also easy to navigate.
- Keith Partridge, customer since 2016
I found Volunteer Local easy to use, especially when we had numerous names and sometimes changes. The ability to print out the section needed was helpful
- Customer since 2016
Volunteer Local meets our need for a system to manage almost 1000 volunteers at a 3-day event, with minimal effort. The ability to define unlimited jobs and shifts for the event, limit the number of people who can sign up for each, and have everyone sign up online makes the process almost seamless. The ability to communicate with specific groups of volunteers is also very helpful. We haven't found any other system that meets our needs so effectively.
- Customer since 2018
Using volunteerlocal for the MGA 5k in 2018 was the best decision I could have ever made! It made the process easy and the volunteers had less issues using the system.
- Stephanie Hubers, customer since 2017
While VolunteerLocal is easy to use, I could always call Lucy or Kaylee for support- and I appreciate the time they always took with me!
- Syta Staff, customer since 2017
I LOVE Volunteer Local! They have the best customer service! Their staff goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy.
- Goal Foundation, customer since 2018
You guys have been great to deal with both on a business development level and just general customer service. We've truly enjoyed our relationship with the VolunteerLocal team.
- James Shinault, customer since 2018
It was so easy to operate and understand. Info I needed was easy to get. Easy to run reports to get specific info. Loved it!
- Mellanie Hunt, customer since 2018
The ability to create our own questions easily and to choose what we want to download into reports is great! Wish we could override situations where a volunteer wants to shifts that overlap because often that will work.
- Customer since 2018
VolunteerLocal has changed the way that we recruit students for our volunteer events. It is simple to use for us as administrators and extremely easy for students to use. It makes all of our lives easier!
- Customer since 2017
There are many options and opportunities being presented by volunteerlocal that I was not aware of...that's a plus...I have told many friends who also enjoy volunteering about volunteerlocal...
- Customer since 2018
VolunteerLocal has been an invaluable service for YESS and our annual special event, the YESS Duck Derby. The site is incredibly easy to use and the communication features make it easy to share shift updates and last-minute details to volunteers all in one place. I highly recommend VolunteerLocal for anyone managing an event that utilizes volunteers.
- Jana Daisy August 2018
Timely communication, helpful answers, and great features offered in your product. We continue to be very happy with VolunteerLocal in our second year now.
- Customer since 2018
Easy to use and efficient way to communicate information with volunteers.
- Janet Held, customer since 2018
Speedy responses to questions.
- Lisa Thompson, customer since 2017
It was easy to set up and easy for students to use to register to volunteer. We were able to send out email notifications to everyone which worked great.
- Customer since 2017
Volunteer local is very user friendly and the perfect volunteer management tool for one-time events. Customer service has always been responsive, timely and friendly as well!
- Renee Sedlacek, customer since 2018
The system is SUPER user friendly on both the front and back end. Customer service/support is responsive and quick to fix issues, not that we've had many to speak of. Highly recommend VolunteerLocal for any organization that does a lot of events.
- Customer since 2018
Kaylee Williams was very helpful when I had questions about the set up and management of our Volunteer Local event. She was always very professional and friendly.
- Customer since 2017
They system gives us everything we ask for in reports and if flexible enough to carry out unique ways of communicating and registering volunteers.
- Amedeo Rossi, customer since 2018
The Des Moines Music Coalition loves VolunteerLocal! Very easy to navigate and a great, one-stop source for all of our volunteer organizational needs.
- Lindsay Keast, customer since 2018
I loved working directly with volunteer local to solve my logistical issues. It felt like I had an extra team member!
- Reynaldo Vargas, customer since 2018
Volunteer Local is very user friendly. It's easy to maneuver. I also appreciate that I always receive prompt responses from Lucy when I have questions about the program
- Customer since 2016
Your website and interface are easy to navigate. The ability to access archived group emails is also very helpful. The work you all do is greatly appreciated.
- Customer since 2017
We LOVE how easy to use your platform is for both us and the volunteers! I actually recommended it to my friend who does Xpand Fest here in Asheville. :-) Not only is it easy to use but it's versatile and the customer support is AMAZING!!
- Chelcie Spencer, customer since 2018
Volunteer Local was wonderful to use for our huge annual church festival! With about 3,500 volunteer time slots to keep track of over a three day event, it is a huge job! The option to send emails directly to the volunteers was wonderful and the Volunteer Local team was great about making a few changes to reports in the midst of our craziness. Thanks so much for all that you do and we will be using VolunteerLocal for other volunteer events throughout the year as well!
- Joan Seibenick, Business Manager, St. John the Evangelist Church

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Discover Plan

  • $600/year
    • 2 admin users
    • Printable report
    • Export all data to CSV file
    • Custom registration fields
    • Real-Time signup notifications
    • Blast emails to volunteers
    • Move/copy volunteers
    • Copy event data
    • Archived event data
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Grow Plan

  • $2,400/year
    • 10 admin users
    • Group registration
    • Event check in/out
    • Import volunteer data
    • Password protected jobs
    • Job assignments for team leads
    • Custom design & URL
    • Toggle jobs online/offline
    • Saved reports
    • + Discover Plan features
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    Grow Plan
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Conquer Plan

  • $10,000/year
    • 50 admin users
    • Template messaging
    • SMS text messaging
    • Leader/captain admin settings
    • Credit card processing
    • Name badges
    • Minimum/maximum shift requirements
    • Volunteer certificates
    • Flagged volunteer list
    • Conditional questions
    • + Grow Plan features
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