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(Q) What is VolunteerLocal?
VolunteerLocal is an online volunteer registration and database system for anyone who needs to organize, schedule, coordinate or manage volunteers. Anyone with an internet connection can use our software. It doesn't need to be downloaded or installed. With single-page sign up, your event can be up and running online in just minutes; our set-up wizard will guide you step-by-step as you create jobs and shifts for your volunteers. If you do hit a snag along the way, don't worry--you can receive personal assistance at any time by reaching out to Brian Hemesath or Kaylee Williams at or (515) 248-4401. Wondering what the end-product will look like? You can check out our demo by clicking here:
(Q) How many volunteers can I register through VolunteerLocal?
VolunteerLocal is designed to fit the needs of your event--big or small. Our software can host anywhere from a dozen to several thousand volunteers. Whether it's an 8th grade class trip or the USA Triathlon, we will never charge you based on the number of volunteers you anticipate registering for your event.
(Q) Can I preserve a list of all my volunteers (how do I get my volunteer data?)?
In addition to interactive reports which allow you to update volunteer information and shifts, you can also export your data straight to a CSV file (a spreadsheet). You can download volunteer information by clicking "Volunteers"-->"Export." From here, you can select the event and then drill down to the exact information you'd like to export (name, address, phone number, etc.).
(Q) Can I customize the questions that volunteers must answer to sign-up for my event?
Yes, VolunteerLocal enables you to customize the questions on the volunteer registration page to meet your unique event needs. You can access this feature by clicking "Events"-->"Your Events"-->"Volunteer Information."
(Q) Is there a simple way to copy jobs/shifts from another event?
You can create a duplicate event for a different date without having to re-enter all the jobs by clicking "Events"-->"Create a New Event"-->"Copy Jobs from Another Event." This feature allows you to copy jobs, and even shifts, from a previously created event.
(Q) Can I create jobs with more than one location?
You can create jobs that have more than one location. Simply click "Events"-->"Your Events"-->"Jobs." Separate multiple locations with a comma in the "Locations" box.
(Q) What is my VolunteerLocal registration page URL?
There are two URL links to your VolunteerLocal site. You can access the URL to the registration page by clicking "Events"-->"Your Events"-->URL. This is the URL where your volunteers can register for a specific event. Note that an HTML widget is available below the URL.

If your organization has more than one event, the URL under "Account"-->"Settings" will show a list of all public events*. This URL shows your volunteers a list of all live, public events you have registered through VolunteerLocal. This URL is helpful if you'd like to provide to your volunteers a "hub" of events hosted by your organization--we call this your "default landing page."

*To make your events public, you can check the "Public Event" setting under the "Event Detail" page ("Events"-->"Your Events"-->"Event Detail").
(Q) How do I allow volunteers to reserve spots for others?
You can enable (or disable) the ability for volunteers to reserve shifts for others by clicking "Events"-->"Your Events"-->"Event Detail." Note: this feature is only available in the paid versions of VolunteerLocal.
(Q) Can volunteers cancel a shift after they've signed up?
You control this with a setting. When your volunteers sign up for any shift, they receive an automatic confirmation e-mail from VolunteerLocal which contains a link to their volunteer profile on VolunteerLocal. When they click this link, they will see each job/shift they have selected for each event. Next to each shift, there is an option to [cancel this shift]. Your volunteers can also access this user profile from the registration page of your event. At the top of that page, there will be a link that says "Already Volunteering?"

If a volunteer cancels a shift, the system will automatically update the number of spots available on the registration page. All volunteers can sign in with their e-mail address--no passwords necessary.
(Q) How do I turn on or off auto-confirmation for shifts?
By clicking "Events"-->"Your Events"-->"Confirmation Settings," you can choose to auto-confirm your volunteers instead of using the click-through e-mail confirmation method. Auto confirmation means your volunteers don't have to click the link in their email to reserve their spot, it is reserved as soon as they sign up.
(Q) Can I change or edit the jobs/shifts while the site is live? Will the volunteers' data be preserved?
Yes, you can alter the information for the jobs/shifts while the site is live. The volunteer data will not be lost or deleted.
(Q) How can I check which plan I'm using?
You can check which version you're currently using by clicking "Account"-->"Organization and Plan."
VolunteerLocal gives us the opportunity to seamlessly recruit for a number of specialized volunteer roles. We can keep a birds-eye-view on our signups and easily communicate with volunteers. Using this tool helps keep our large organizing team on the same page, which is critical for a collaborative event of this scale.
- Brianne Sanchez, Jumpstart!

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All plans include unlimited phone + email support.

Discover Plan

  • $600/year
    • 2 admin users
    • 500 SMS messages
    • Volunteer database (unlimited volunteers)
    • Unlimited applications
    • Unlimited signup/scheduling pages
    • Unlimited events, jobs and shifts
    • Signup & cancellation notifications
    • Export data to CSV file
    • Visual/interactive report
    • Email and SMS communication tools
    • Mobile app for volunteers
  • Start your
    Discover Plan
    14-day trial
  • Do you have a one-time event?
    Discover Plan per-event price is $200 per event

Grow Plan

  • $2,400/year
    • Discover Plan features, plus:
    • 10 total admin users
    • 1,000 SMS messages
    • Custom design
    • Group registration
    • Applicant status & qualification tracking
    • Hours tracking (check in/out tools)
    • Import volunteer data
    • Password protected jobs/shifts
    • Job assignments for admins
  • Start your
    Grow Plan
    14-day trial
  • Do you have a one-time event?
    Grow Plan per-event price is $800 per event

Conquer Plan

  • $10,000/year
    • Grow Plan features, plus:
    • 50 total admin users
    • 10,000 SMS messages
    • Message templates
    • Leader/captain admin users
    • Job-level notifications
    • Minimum/maximum shift requirements
    • Conditional questions
  • Start your
    Conquer Plan
    14-day trial
  • Do you have a one-time event?
    Conquer Plan per-event price is $3,000 per event

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