Happy Holidays from VolunteerLocal!

Happiest of holidays from the VolunteerLocal team!

Reflecting back on 2016, we are extremely grateful for the customer relationships we have built and continue to grow. It is absolutely amazing to see so many different organizations working to bring people together. We have big hopes for the New Year, and we’re confident it will bring more friends and opportunities.

In this holiday spirit, we’re offering 10% off any plan upgrade for first-time users. After you’ve created an account, you can select your plan type under Account->Billing & Plan Info. Enter discount code HOLIDAY10, and we’ll take 10% off from our end.

Our warmest wishes and sincerest thanks to our wonderful friends and followers, old and new. Happy holidays, and happy volunteering!

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Discount code HOLIDAY10 valid from 12:00am on Thursday, December 22nd through 11:59pm on Sunday, December 31st.

Have questions? Shoot Lucy an email at lucy@volunteerlocal.com.


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Making the Most of Social Media Through Your Volunteers

We all know that we are in the age of digital media. And whether you’re a Facebook fanatic or miss the $_32good old days of typewriters, social media is a great medium for spreading the word about your organization. So why not take it a step further and have your volunteers help share the love?

Give your registered volunteers the chance to tell their friends and family members about your upcoming event by turning on social media sharing. The “thank you” page your volunteers see after registration isn’t just polite – it’s also powerful.

To get sharing, go to the “Event Detail” page (under Events->Your Events) next to your current event (for help setting up an event, click here). Underneath “Social Plugins” is a radio button that says, “Check here to turn on social sharing tools for your volunteers.” For our Grow and Conquer clients, you can also create a custom Twitter hashtag for each individual event to easily track who has been tweeting about your festivities.

Screen shot 2016-10-28 at 11.52.51 AMWith sharing turned on, the “thank you” page will include links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. When a volunteer selects one, it will automatically sync to their own social media accounts and post, “Volunteer with me at {name of event},” followed by a link to your event page. Now everyone they’re connected to on social media will be able to connect to your event. 

You already know how helpful your volunteers are – give them the power to help build your community of dedicated volunteers through just the click of a button. Happy sharing and #happyvolunteering!



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Meet Scott McBride

Hello there! Scott McBride here, freshly returned from Fort Worth, Texas to Des Moines, Iowa to spread the good news that is VolunteerLocal. And I’ll tell you what – I’m pumped, y’all!

A graduate of Iowa State University, I’ve traversed an eclectic road to VolunteerLocal: a former electronic component sales guy, a forever camp counselor and even a receptionist (aka front desk attendant).

I’m a big fan of being literate and I love to read. I also love to cartoon, draw caricatures and illustrate. If you see me I’ll probably have ink on my fingers, just letting you know! I also enjoy cooking, spending time with my family and serving as a human jungle-gym for my two year-old nephew, Ben.

If you’d like a demo of VolunteerLocal or you have any questions about the functionality of the product, I’m your guy. You can shoot me an email at scott@volunteerlocal or call directly at (515) 608-4711. I look forward to working with you!

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